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Principal’s Welcome

Arrival/Dismissal Update

Traffic continues to be a major safety concern, even with the presence of the San Jose Police Department last week.  The safety of our students is our top priority.  Please view the video on this page as well as the rules for the front parking lot.  If cars continue to drive unsafely, the front parking lot will be closed during arrival and dismissal times except for handicapped vehicles.

Driving procedures for the front parking lot on Woodbury Lane:

1) Cars hug the curb and move slowly as they turn right into the front parking lot along Woodbury in front of the kindergarten building.  This section is now a No Parking Zone.

2)  Cars need to take turns while allowing for pedestrian traffic in the crosswalks.  Do not block the crosswalk with your vehicle.

3)  Right lane only, against the curb

4)  Inside lane is for exiting only, no double parking

5)  Pull all the way forward to allow room for other cars to pull up to drop off/pick up students.

6)  Students exit on passenger/curb side only.

7)  Parents are to remain in the vehicle.  If a parent needs to get out of the car to assist a student, park outside of the parking lot and walk your child on campus.

8)  Do not stop or park your vehicle in the entry driveway or along the red curb in front of kindergarten.  

9)  All visitors meeting students and walking them to a car need to meet students as they exit out the back gate near the flag pole.  Do not wait near the front office.  Students being picked up by a car at the curb in the front parking lot are the only students who should be exiting out the front office doors.