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Principal’s Message

Arrival/Dismissal Update

Starting Monday, September 15th, the front parking lot will be closed to drivers during afternoon dismissal. The only cars allowed into the parking lot will be handicapped drivers and our parent who won the auction for the parent parking space. That parent will have a pass for his/her windshield. 

All other drivers need to park their cars outside the front parking lot and walk to the front lot to pick up students.


There is no longer parking in the back parking lot.  

If you choose to use the back parking lot for pickup, drivers must merge at the curb and remain in their cars, as it is only for curbside pickup.  No cars, unless handicapped, will be allowed to park in the back parking lot.  With the exception of handicapped parking, no adults or students are to be walking through the parking lot.

Use Chisin Street coming from Nieman to hug the curb to wait to enter the parking lot  turning right.  If you come up Chisin from Yerba Buena and turn left into the back parking lot, cars need to take turns entering.  

When exiting the back parking lot, cars must turn right.